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Field Variability Assessment

Identifying and assessing the degree of field variability is fundamental to understanding whether programs such as variable rate (VR) will pay. Sometimes not doing VR is the right call! But how do you know?

Our Field Variability Assessment uses up to 15 years of satellite data to determine how variable your fields are, and then provides an estimated dollar-per-acre net return on VR vs. flat rate. Use the Assessment to guide you to the best management strategy for each field you farm, and as a basis for VR management zones should you decide to do VR.

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Precision Agronomy Services

If your fields are candidates for variable rate application of inputs then we can provide a complete VR program with professional agronomic recommendations, or help you implement it yourself by taking care of tasks such as data processing and prescription creation.

Precision agronomy doesn't have to mean variable rate, and we can also provide services such as yield data clean-up, GIS data processing, GPS soil sampling, satellite imagery acquisition & processing, and traditional flat rate agronomy recommendations.

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Drainage Design & Surveying

When drainage issues are affecting your bottom line, it’s time to take action! Vantage Manitoba has the tools, expertise, and hardware to help you minimize losses and maximize efficiency.

From our proprietary 'Ideal Ditch' maps that tell you where to create drains for optimum performance, to painstakingly designed layouts for tile drainage, the Vantage Team has the knowledge and experience to deliver.

We also provide professional surveying services to municipalities for drainage licensing.

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Vantage LiDAR Topo

Vantage Manitoba has signed an exclusive reseller agreement with Atlis Geomatics to provide high accuracy LiDAR elevation data to the agriculture market. LiDAR has many benefits over UAV surveys, and with approximately 75% of southern Manitoba already mapped, you probably won’t have to wait!

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Ag Software Coach™

The latest farm software solutions from companies such as Trimble, Climate Corporation, Ag Leader, and more open up amazing opportunities for you to do more with your farm data. Our Ag Software Coach™ program is tailored to you to provide the level of setup, training, and support you need to use these platforms to their full potential.

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Trimble Ag Software

Everything you need in one place, with full farming app support for both Apple iOS and Android devices. With specific features geared toward farmers, ag retailers, food processors and crop advisors, Trimble Ag Software provides a complete agriculture technology solution that fits in the palm of your hand. Farm software just got a whole lot easier.

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