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Vantage is a global vision of Trimble Agriculture to establish Vantage Dealers in key markets that can deliver the highest level of knowledge, support, and professional services to farm clients. Vantage Manitoba has recruited the most talented team from the precision agriculture sector, and partnered with the leading providers in the province to provide complete agronomy and water management services as well as being the Preferred Dealer for Trimble and other innovative products in Manitoba.

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Precision Agronomy

From GPS Soil Sampling, to SoilOptix® High-Resolution Topsoil Mapping, and every level of precision in between, Vantage Manitoba provides complete agronomy solutions. We're excited to have partnered with Crop Care Consulting to be the exclusive provider of SoilOptix®: If you've had bad experiences with VR in the past, or if you don't think VR will pay on your land then let us come and present SoilOptix® to you - it's different from everything you've seen/tried before!

Water Management

Vantage Manitoba now offers complete, turn-key tile and surface drainage services! Water management is critical to most farms in Manitoba, but many growers told us they simply don't have enough time to accomplish what they'd like to each fall. Talk to us about our agronomy-focused tile drainage design process, and installation by K&S Tiling, or our Ideal Ditch™ Maps for effective surface drainage. Whether you'd like to complete tiling or scraping work yourself, or have it custom done, we can help!

Precision Technology

Vantage is Manitoba's award-winning Preferred Dealer for Trimble GPS guidance and steering hardware, delivering a premier level of product knowledge, service, and support. We also carry leading brands of & flow and application hardware, plus new and innovative products including the CropScan on-combine protein analyzer, and AquaCheck soil moisture probes. Let our experts build a custom technology solution for your requirements.

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Farm Data Solutions

Are you ready to take your farm digital? There are numerous software data platforms on the market all vying for your attention. The Trimble Ag Software platform leads the market in it's depth, compatibility with every brand of equipment, and mobile app that really does let you manage your farm from your mobile device. Talk to us about the different levels of setup and ongoing support we offer to help you get the most out of Trimble Ag Software. Choose right or choose twice!

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SoilOptix® VR Program

Traditional approaches to VR divide the field into zones, and assume that there's no variability within each zone. In most fields this assumption is wrong, and makes you question whether VR is really worthwhile. Until now the only way to truly identify variability was intensive grid sampling, costing up to hundreds of dollars per acre. Using SoilOptix® we are essentially sampling hundreds of points per acre for a fraction of the cost. We then use advanced agronomic models and formulas to turn all this information into the most accurate VR maps available, and tailor them to work with your farming practices and equipment capabilities. We've yet to find a field that wouldn't benefit from VR, but only SoilOptix® provides the detail needed to get it done RIGHT!

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Why Choose SoilOptix®?

What do you get when you sign up for our SoilOptix® VR Program?

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SoilOptix® Data Layers

Learn about the nutrients we are able to map using SoilOptix®

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Nitrogen & OM

Using SoilOptix® to determine exact N rates throughout the field

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Wetness Potential

Taking account of water holding capacity and drainage in our VR strategy

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Also Available (please contact us at 1-877-552-8775):

  • Grid Soil Sampling
  • Soil EC (Veris/EM38) Mapping
  • GPS Composite Soil Sampling & Fertility Recommendation
  • CPI Satellite NDVI Productivity Zones VR Package
  • In-Season Scouting & Tissue Tests



Vantage Custom Scraping Service

Vantage Manitoba now offers complete, turn-key surface drainage services to implement effective surface ditches. Our 18 cubic yard scraper and 500HP tractor setup is precision controlled by Trimble WM Drain and RTK for the most accurate grade control available. The advanced drainage design parameters of WM Drain mean our setup is highly efficient, creating drainage ditches that flow in significantly less time than competitive systems. Our process starts with creating Ideal Ditch™ Maps for your fields, which tell us the most effective routes to create new or maintain existing ditches. These routes are then loaded into the WM Drain system and used to create field drains that provide the most effective drainage, while requiring the least amount of dirt to be moved, and therefore reducing the time and costs involved.



Vantage Ideal Ditch™ Mapping

Ideal Ditch™ Maps are an affordable solution to tell you the optimum routes for surface drainage on each field. Ideal Ditch routes are optimized to pass through areas with high wetness potential, and color-coded to tell you how many acres are being drained. Maps or drainage routes can be loaded into your in-cab display (Trimble, John Deere, & more) as a background layer to guide you in the field. We can create Ideal Ditch Maps from Vantage LiDAR (preferred), or from RTK survey data driven at narrow swaths where existing field drains are also driven.


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Vantage LiDAR Elevation Data

Vantage has a library of RTK-accurate LiDAR elevation data for over 75% of southern Manitoba, and we are working on new acquisitions in other areas. LiDAR is lower cost and more accurate than drone surveys, and more detailed than traditional ground surveys, making it the best choice for use in drainage mapping and tile drainage design. Contact us at for availability and pricing for your farm.



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