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Technology continues to innovate and provide new opportunities in agriculture at a faster rate than in perhaps any other industry. Sometimes this can seem overwhelming! As a result, it is becoming more important to partner with a service provider that can keep up with the technology, and provide the services and support you need to benefit from it. That's why Vantage Manitoba is here. When you partner with Vantage you have access to a team of experts that bring the best knowledge, support, professional service, and precision farming products in the industry to your farm or agri-business.

At Vantage we offer a range of precision agriculture hardware, software, and professional services to farms and agri-businesses throughout Manitoba. From Trimble, Cropscan, and Raven GPS hardware, to Lidar elevation data and drainage consulting, to field variability assessments and variable rate zones and precision agronomy services, we aim to find a solution for any needs you may have. We partner with numerous leading businesses in various niches within the precision ag sector to both provide them with products, data products, and services, as well as to refer prospective clients in need of their services. So, whatever your precision farming needs or ideas, let us help you make them a reality!

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Precision Technology

We carry leading brands of GPS steering & flow and application hardware, plus new and innovative products. Let our experts build a custom technology solution for your requirements. Our comprehensive service plans provide full support for your new and existing hardware.

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Professional Services

Choose Vantage Manitoba as the only partner you need for everything precision agriculture. We offer professional agronomy programs for flat rate or VR, pre-VR field variability assessments, zone creation, soil sampling, plus Lidar elevation data, complete drainage planning and water management consulting services.

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Farm Data Solutions

Are you ready to take your farm digital? When you have access to our knowledge and support you'll be amazed at what you can do and the value it will bring. With our Ag Software Coachâ„¢ program we offer a range of support options to get you up and running and get the most out of the leading ag software platforms.

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Expert advice on the technology you need to achieve your goals


Professional hardware installation, setup, and training you to use it


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When you have the best data and info about your or your clients' fields you can make the best decisions


Training and support on the leading software programs